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Building Chuck

A New Design: Chuck

Our first build, Faith, was our version of a California Cabin. She had windows placed for natural lighting to allow the sun to heat her up, high ceilings to make her feel even more roomy, and awesome high end appliances. Why is Chuck different?

A simpler version of Faith, Chuck is fundamentally the same. We still use a drop trailer for high ceilings, we are still using Raycore paneling for any weather needs, and we’re still using awesome fixtures from places like Summitt Appliance and a Natures Head composting toilet. What’s new is that, per our customer’s request, we’re adding an outside storage area as well as two lofts.

We realize that every tiny homeowner is going to have different needs. That’s why we build them from scratch, without pre-made shells or intentions. We use our expertise to guide you along in the process, and what comes out is your Tiny Dream Home.