Big Ideas, Small Spaces


About Me

15304186_733545456793948_2219588576786516194_oOwner and Founder of Skosh Tiny Living, Jeff Krohne, started building houses at 12 by spending the summers with his grandpa helping out with the family business. Every summer through middle school, high school and beyond was spent learning and mastering his craft. In the colder months he spent his time mastering other crafts like playing guitar and building websites. Creating and thoughtful processes are instilled in every aspect of his life.

The shift from building big houses came with his first solar install around 2006. To make full solar energy work, he realized houses were going to have to downsize. 10+ years ago, the solar panels were low voltage and the input wasn’t enough compared to the output we used on a daily basis. This shift also lead him on a research journey of how much energy humans use to maintain a normal lifestyle and the result was disheartening. After the economy crashed in 2008, energy companies started getting serious about truly making equipment energy efficient and people started getting fickle and learning why it is so important to conserve as much energy as possible. This shift, in both Jeff’s beliefs and the economy, was the start of the reality that living tiny is not only responsible, but feasible.

As Jeff searched for meaning and purpose in this giant world he came to believe that slimming down was the answer. He wanted to travel with out the burden of building while traveling from state-to-state and to fully enjoy our parks. Living tiny was the answer. Material became available. Better solar options became available. Technology became available. Living tiny became socially acceptable.

Not only does Jeff live responsibly, but he wants to help others fulfill their tiny goals, too. Tiny Homes use less everything from material to energy. His firm beliefs in energy conservation motivates his goals to have ALL PEOPLE, regardless of income level, to live in a high quality, custom, comfortable home.