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People call it a “movement.”

What are tiny houses? The tiny house movement? Tiny living?

People are calling it a social movement, but we call it living life to the fullest in a smaller, more efficient way. The average American home is around 2,600 square feet while the typical tiny home ranges from 100-600 square feet. We get that living in the definition of a tiny home might not be for every person, but downsizing and being aware of the environmental footprint being left behind should be on the forefront of every person’s mind.

Simply put, living tiny means using less energy and being more environmentally friendly. Living greener. Loving our earth a little more. It means living adventurous and free, where ever you see fit. roblox unlimited pro It means not having financial burden resting on your shoulders. And we’re doing our best to make this awesome new way of living possible for every person in every community.

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